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oh hai.

2015-05-30 18:29:06 by smeagol1

long time no see. :3


2011-10-24 21:29:12 by smeagol1



2011-07-24 18:58:25 by smeagol1

Destroyer Of The Universe

I rise up from muspelheim
My fury is sublime
The sword I bring burns violently
With wild and lethal flames

I march against the asagods
To bring the end of time
I am pure and endless pain
And Surtur is my name

See me rise, the mighty Surt
Destroyer of the universe
Bringer of flames and endless hurt
Scorcher of men and earth

Swordless frej with horn in hand
Rises to his final stand
He doesn't stand a single chance
I'll split his living corpse in half

And yet he stabbed me in the eye
He drove the horn in deep
The overwhelming, raging pain
Is driving me insane

The waves of flames that
I've unleashed will eat us all alive
The rage that burns within my heart
Is uncontrolled and wild
And now everything shall die!
Massive waves consume us all, the ocean is released
Our dying world quakes underneath
And sinks into the sea
And now nothing will survive!
Extinction waits for everyone
For gods and men alike
When all are gone of the old world
A new one will arise

See me rise, the mighty Surt
Destroyer of the universe
Bringer of flames and endless hurt
Scorcher of men and earth

See me die, the mighty Surt
Destroyer of the universe
Drowning in waves that floods the earth
The beginning, of a new rebirth


fuck you

2011-07-24 18:50:04 by smeagol1

Get off my page!

Oh Hai Thar

2011-05-31 17:46:27 by smeagol1

What brings you to this neck of the woods?

Kingdom Black

2011-04-04 21:37:11 by smeagol1

A Erie dark settles over a land, a kingdom. A land of joy,a land of insanith, a land so beautiful, A land of peace and war may she shine in all her beauty even in the darkest of Kingdom. In this world that I made of vivid emotion in times of sorrow and joy, A land so large yet so small she is amazing. The island has no name because very few have been there, only those true to the pagan cause and the few who coexist with those of other Gods.

In the birth of dawn in mountains so cold
A ruler ascends from one plain of existence to the next
A dimension which is his, a dimension made for him

He is the master, the creator, the forefather
From his dreams and will he creates a plain of existence
No sorrow nor pain until the Great Battle Of The Gods

From my will all shall prosper and grow.
From the people of my kingdoms will
this glorious empire shall grow and stand among others

In this kingdom day is as day on earth
Night is night but light still shines in the sky
Both Dark and Light coexsist to create an unearthly place.

The clouds always exist at night
but are separate patches so stars may be seen

The warriors of this kingdom are legendary and warriors
born of fire and ice, they live through the ages
No one dies of age here only through battle

The only two Immortals are the King and Queen
Those who are blood heirs to the throne are immortal as well
but must grow a certain age before they gain there splendor

I carried those thing I hold sacred to my land from this life.
The animals that roam this land examples

The Horse (all species mythic, only wise ones gain access to horses of legend)
The Short Faced Bear
The Sasquatch (tribes linger in most of the land around the mountains)
The kracken (which lives in the seas protecting the shores from demons warships)
Various Birds (eagle,Thunder Bird,crow and most of North American Birds.
The Tiger
The Tyrannosaurus (in the deserts of time and memory)

this all but a fraction of what goes through my mind on my long walks in the woods. I will post additions every so often.

herp derp of the day

2011-03-28 01:32:48 by smeagol1

Yes I'm a Heathen

2011-03-16 20:24:36 by smeagol1

and I worship ancient Gods, sue me faggot.

: vagina tastes great.

Yes I'm a Heathen

hi thar

2011-01-03 17:14:22 by smeagol1

now get out!

time is the best

2010-12-13 22:45:13 by smeagol1

for healing wounds. Things are getting better. :)